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Red Wines

Red Wines

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  • Avgi (Dawn)

    Avgi (Dawn)

    Red semi sweet. Producer: Elinos Estate. Varieties: Xinomavro - Moschomavro. Terroir: Naoussa. Aromas: rose petals, cherries, ripe strawberries, vanilla. Alcohol Vol.: 12,5%
  • Merlot Domaine Bougiouris

    Merlot Domaine Bougiouris

    Dry Red Domaine Bougiouris Year: 2013 Alcohol: 14 % Origin: Attica Variety: Merlot Aromas: Raspberry, vanilla, cinnamon, ripe strawberry,paprika, chocolate, tobacco, leather, ink
  • Nemios Oenos

    Nemios Oenos

    Dry Red Estate Gofas Year: 2014 Alcohol: 13 % Origin: Nemea Variety: Agiorgitiko Aromas: Cherry jam, cinnamon, cloves,strawberry jam, vanilla, black pepper, cocoa
  • Klepsidra


    Color: red Type: dry Year: 2012 Alcohol: 13,5 % Origin: Askri Voiotia Variety: Mouchtaro - Merlot Aromas: cherry, blackcurrant, sour cherries, cinnamon, vanilla, violet, chocolate, leather Pairs with:red meat with moderate sauces, octopus with macaroni, risotto with mushrooms, beef bourguignon
  • Kotsifali - Merlot

    Kotsifali - Merlot

    Dry Red Karavitakis Winery Alcohol: 13,5 % Origin: Chania, Crete Variety: Kotsifali, Merlot Aromas: Blueberry, strawberry, vanilla, cinnamon,raspberry, sour cherry, cherry, licorice, caramel, black pepper
  • Desmos


    Color: red Type: dry Year: 2010 Alcohol: 14% Origin: Aigialeia Variety: Merlot - Cabernet Sauvignon Aromas: ripe plum, blackberry, chocolate, coffee,black pepper,leather,wood, oregano, pepper. Pairs with: red meat barbecue , roast beef with spices , yellow cheese , chocolate
  • Kotsifali Mandilari

    Kotsifali Mandilari

    Red dry. Producer : Ιdaia Winert Varieties : Kotsifali - Mandilari Terroir : Crete Aromas : ripe fruits Alcohol Vol. : 13%
  • Markovitis Winery

    Markovitis Winery

    Dry Red Chateau Pegasus Year: 2012 Alcohol: 13.5 % Origin: Naoussa Variety: Xinomavro Aromas: Red pepper, tobacco, cardamom, cloves, plum, leather, cinnamon, dried tomatoes, olive paste, chestnut, mushroom, vanilla, chocolate
  • Syrah Domain Kitrvs

    Syrah Domain Kitrvs

    Dry Red Domain Kitrvs Year: 2012 Origin: Pydna, Pieria Variety: Syrah Aromas: Smoke a cigar, leather, oakblackberry, plum, ripe cherry, black pepper, cardamom, nuts, fresh soil, mushroom,
  • Limnio Domain Vourvoukelis

    Limnio Domain Vourvoukelis

    Dry Red Domain Vourvoukelis Year: 2013 Origin: avdira, xanthi Variety: limnio Aromas: Tea , mocha , tobacco,black cherry, plum , black pepper, curry , oak , earth, animality
  • Ichnilatis


    Color: red Type: dry Year: 2012 Alcohol: 13 % Origin: Heraklion, Crete Variety: Syrah - Kotsifali Aromas: cherry, raspberry, clove, vanilla, chocolate, mocha, coffee, mint Pairs with:braised beef with pasta, osso buco, aged yellow cheese
  • Fragospito


    Dry Red Nikos Gavalas Year: 2008 Alcohol: 15% Origin: Herakleio, Crete Variety: Syrah - Cabernet Sauvignon Aromas: Roasted almond, chocolate,ripe strawberry, fig, cinnamon, vanilla, aloe, mint
  • Vinum Curtium

    Vinum Curtium

    Color: red Type: dry Year: 2009 Origin: Lalioti, Korinthia Variety: Syrah Aromas: berries, blueberries, hibiscus, pepper, cinnamon, tobacco, wet leaves, vanilla Pairs with:game, stew meat, spicy fillets
  • Nemea


    Red Dry Aivalis Winery Year: 2013 Alcohol: 14 % Origin: Nemea Variety: Agiorgitiko Aromas: Strawberry, violet, nuts, green teaplum, cherry, ripe, black pepper, cloves, vanilla, oak, damp earth, smoke, ink, bitter chocolate
  • Karanikas Estate Red

    Karanikas Estate Red

    Red dry. Producer : Karanika Estate | Varieties : Xinomavro - Lemniona - Cabernet Sauvignon | Terroir : Amyntaio | Aromas : cherry, mulberry, red peppercorns, wet soil, leather, vanilla, red peppercorns, sweet spices | Alcohol Vol. : 13%
  • Marisyni Red

    Marisyni Red

    Dry Red Digenakis Winery Year: 2011 Alcohol: 14 % Origin: Heraklio, Crete Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Liatiko Aromas: Evening primrose, red pepper, cinnamon, sour cherries, cherry, cloves, vanilla, chocolate
  • Nymfeos


    Dry Red Digenakis Winery Year: 2011 Alcohol: 14 % Origin: Heraklion, Crete Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot Aromas: Violet, red rose, vanilla,cherry, plum, black pepper, leather, damp earth, oak, chocolate
  • MV Mavroudi of Thrace Anatolikos Vineyards

    MV Mavroudi of Thrace Anatolikos Vineyards

    Red Dry Anatolikos Vineyards Year: 2012 Alcohol: 13,5 % Origin: Thrace Variety: Mavroudi, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot Aromas: Blackberry, plum, licorice, ripe cherry, sour cherry, cinnamon, vanilla, leather, violet
  • Lost Hellanico

    Lost Hellanico

    Dry Red Domaine Kitrvs Year: 2012 Alcohol: 13,5 % Origin: Pieria Variety: Aglianico Aromas: Ripe strawberry, prune, cherry, ripe cherry, pepper, cardamom, olive paste, cocoa, fresh soil, leather
  • Goumenissa


    Red dry. Producer : Tatsis Estate Varieties : Xinomavro - Negoska Terroir : Goumenissa Aromas : prune, tomato paste, sundried tomato, vanilla, sweet pepper, black pepper, clove Alcohol Vol. : 13%
  • Kokoras


    Color: red Type: dry Year: 2014 Origin: Cinigiano, Maremma, Tuscany Variety: Sangiovese Aromas: plum, strawberry, cherry, damp earth, mushroom, wet leaves, coffee, leather, tomato paste, olive paste, cocoa, minerality Pairs with:pasta Carbonara, Chicken Cacciatore, pizza with prosciutto and arugula
  • Le Roi des Montagnes Cuvee

    Le Roi des Montagnes Cuvee

    Red dry. Producer : Papargyriou Estate Varieties : Cabernet Sauvignon - Mavrodafni Touriga Nacional Terroir : Korinthia Aromas : sour cherry, raisins, ripe strawberries, violet, tea, vanilla, black pepper, wet soil, chocolate Alcohol Vol. : 15%
  • Fine Mavroudi of Thrace

    Fine Mavroudi of Thrace

    Dry Red Anatolikos Vineyards Year: 2012 Alcohol: 14 % Origin: Avdera, Thrace Variety: Mavroudi, Cabernet Sauvignon Aromas: Vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper,black cherry, cherry, black berries, tobacco, chocolate, leather
  • Cuccuvaia


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    Red Dry Domaine St. Gabriel Archangel Year: 2009 Origin: Cinigiano, Maremma, Tuscany

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