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True to our philosophy, we provide our expertise to professionals. 
We address each business as unique and with this approach we serve you to cater your specific needs:
 • We can supply your deli or restaurant with large quantities of our prime quantity products, in special prices. Should you seek for a product that is not in our e-shop, we have the capacity to search in the Greek market for you, and give you a wide selection for you to decide
 • We can assist you in building your Greek - product business, be it in the form of a specialised deli or a restaurant, by providing our know-how. We are able to help you with consulting in new business development, if you are planning to open any kind of new business dedicated to Greek food and Greek food products. 
 • For restaurant businesses, besides our ability to provide all ingredients for your kitchen from a range of high quality products, we can provide you with the entire concept, menu, chef and staff training, as well as with decorating tips, made by the best interior designers available.  Our mission is to help you  make a successful business with the best quality Greek products in the international market. In your endeavors, you will find us working closely to your aim and with your success being our first requirement.
Send us an email at [email protected]  and we will contact you shortly.