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Who we are: is your online shop for exquisite Greek products. Our team has traveled around Greece to gather the best local produce, mainly organic, always natural, and utterly delicious.

Our food collection includes organic extra virgin olive oils, greek wines and spirits, honey, legumes, pasta, jams and marmalades, sauces and condiments, herbs and spices. They all come from small, local farms and vineyards, as our mission is to introduce you to real, unprocessed, healthy food, and sail you through the delightfulness and merits of a pure mediterranean cuisine.

We will travel you through the various regions of Greece, we will guide you through its local delicacies, we will give you traditional recipes, and we will be here to answer your questions about any of the above. is not another online shop. It is a way of eating and living, and we are honoured you have you here with us!

What we believe in:

We believe in organic agriculture, in home-cooked meals, in fresh food, in delectability. We believe in farmers that respect their crops and treat them first with honesty and care. We believe that food, besides our fuel, is also our medicine.
We believe in vineyards that grow in the richness of a well cultivated soil and breath the salty air of the Aegean sea.
We believe in olive trees that grow their fruit under a formidable sun, and give us an exquisite extra virgin olive oil.
We believe in small jars filled with the aroma of the summer in the form of a fresh, unprocessed jam.
We believe in awesome food that pleases while it nurtures.

Why Greek Products:

If you have eaten a tomato that has grown outside in the sun, then you don’t need to read further. If you have travelled in Greece, have tasted a traditional dish, and savoured it, then went to your local Greek tavern and have not find it to be as flavorful, it is not the cook’s fault.  Greece has an amazingly rich soil, plentiful sunshine, and fresh air. Growing fruit, vegetables, and grains under these conditions, results in better and more savoury produce. And it is from farms that grow their produce in this way, that we seek our products from, for your basket.


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